Powerful but easy to use on-line shops, ready to go (With No Technical Know How Required) , With Full Support and Marketing Advice. We have built our own eCommerce system, ideal for smaller Artisan businesses or can provide a more complex package to suit more complex online shops.

It's Cheaper and Easier than you might think

Selling your products online can be a lot cheaper than you think.

Our Database driven eCommerce websites allows you, the website owner, to update and maintain stock information without the need for further web-designer assistance.

Basic - I have built my own eCommerce system, ideal for smaller Artisan businesses. From €420, includes 3 pages (normally Home, About, Contact) + unlimited items in webshop.  Each item can have upto 3 photos. Links to Paypal for secure payments.

Full – Fully updateable, fully user controlled, stock control management, multiple images per product, Specials and much more .... from €2000 with pay monthly options available


  • You get paid BEFORE you have to provide your customers with your goods and services
  • There is no need to invoice and wait for the cash to come in - You've already been paid
  • An eCommerce website exposes your business to so many more revenue opportunities - how else can you promote your store in Dorset to people in London or anywhere else in the world ?
  • It's more cost effective than advertising as you are actively targeting people who want what you are selling by having your site filled with your products and services
  • The Internet is still growing at a phenomenal rate - more and more people buy online every single day and you must be a part of this to remain competitive

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Did you know you can hire me?

I take on projects of all sizes. From Consulting to large Development Projects.

If you're starting a new Yii project and would like some help to get setup and running or you need some help with a particular module or you just need someone to develop the whole dang thing, then just ask ...

Jumpstart Yii2 ... Coming Soon!

I'm in the process of planning a new course on Yii2 and want your feedback.

What is your preferred format? What did you think of my Yii 1.x video course "Beginning Yii"?

What would you like to see different?

How much would you pay?

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